Porcari industrial estate

On Mondays and Tuesdays I teach business English to Management, I.T. and sales staff at a paint factory in Porcari, which is a small town to the east of Lucca. The students are well-motivated and produce excellent input in the lessons. Now that the factory has been incorporated into a French company it is important for the staff to have a good command of English, also for the international  market. Porcari industrial estate is not the most beautiful spot in Tuscany but it does have its compensations. If you lift your eyes to the south there are the pastoral contours of the Pisano Mountain and to the north the snow-capped peaks of the Apuan Alps seem just a stone’s throw away.  The works canteen is excellent and would easily pass for a four-star restaurant in the UK. Yesterday, for instance I tucked into an excellent roast beef with mashed potatoes followed by salad, fruit and yogurt. (I never could manage the primo or pasta dish at lunch time). Everyone eats in the canteen: there is no separation between white and blue collar workers as often is the case elsewhere. This means that the company develops real cooperation and solidarity between all who work in it. This is reflected in the serious but happy working environment. May the paint factory play its part in helping Italy’s exit from the crisis which undeservingly afflicts this lovable country! Porcari station has recently had a pedestrian subway built to connect the new platform built as a result of the doubling of the railway track from Florence to Viareggio which is decorated with lively murals. See some views of, and from, the factory and the room where I teach and the new Porcari station pedestrian subway below.


One thought on “Porcari industrial estate

  1. Dearest Francis that is a good idea to brighten up that wall and nice to support youngsters thus nice vibrant colours! Love alexandra ps energy put to better use than as the other day in Milan was scandalous! Love alexandra

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