An enchanted evening in rain-sodden Lucca

The festival of events for Lucca’s bid to become a UNESCO city of music concluded last night at the Teatro Del Giglio with an unusual performance of Geminiani’s pantomime “The Enchanted Forest”. The story is taken from Tasso’s chivalric poem “Gerusalemme Liberata” and narrates how, at the time of the crusades during the siege of Jerusalem, the Christians are thwarted when the forest they are camped in, is enchanted by a magician. Eventually the Christians break the spell and good prevails over evil. The composer,Geminiani was born in Lucca in 1687 but spent the greater part of his life in London and Dublin where he died in 1762. The youthful orchestra accompanied the two dancers who, by means of sophisticated and beautifully developed visual software ,were transformed, morphed and multiplied in totally “enchanted” ways on a big screen. It was a lovely evening to an afternoon spent in a very damp Lucca where even the ducks found the parterre outside the walls flooded, much to their delight.


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