Choir practice

Went to choir practice last night. Ever since I moved to Italy I’ve sung with one choir or another. Singing is good for the body and soul. At the present I belong to two choirs: one mainly Italian and one mainly English. Both put on an excellent programme for last Christmas’ concert. The English choir sang carols at the local parish church and also staged its own service of nine lessons and carols. The Italian choir worked wonders at the local Franciscan monastery with a (Michael)  Haydn mass and other pieces.

Last night’s rehearsal was mainly concerned with providing music for Easter week. The vast majority of Italian choirs are linked to the local church but there is absolutely no compulsion to be of the Romish persuasion to join. In fact, our young choirmaster is both a Marxist and a Valdensian. The choir members are very sociable and we always look  forwards to attending the rehearsals and feel a lot better afterwards for having done so even though they start at 9 pm and it still gets pretty cold at that time!

Below are some pics of the English choir at the Christmas concert at the local parish church.


One thought on “Choir practice

  1. Dearest Francis what a fantastic event that was especially as I missed my choir due to flu which was so debilitating glad you were able to sing too at that event just about as you too were getting over the flu. I wonder if there were choir groups in them olden days out there? Love alexandra

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