Fashion, Food and a Prize at the Casinò

A fashion parade and a prize giving award were last night’s highlights at the Casinò of Bagni di Lucca Villa. I found the dresses quite original and a confident challenge to the expensive sophistications of haute couture. The prize was awarded to a highly-talented young American who is participating in an opera singer course at Lucca. Her two entries to Grapevine’s competition were unanimously judged to be the best by the jury (of which I was a member). Stylistic flair, broad range, sensuous prose and well-researched material are the hallmarks of her contribution to a new generation of anglo-italian writings. We look forwards to reading more from her.

As usual the spreads were simply scrumptious!

Here are some glimpses from the memorable evening, which is a concluding part of the Festa delle Donne.


3 thoughts on “Fashion, Food and a Prize at the Casinò

  1. Dearest Francis it is nice to see the Casino being used for nicer events than machine gambling was not a nice idea and I stated so at the time so am vindicated in this despite being ridiculed by my saying so just goes to show how wrong others were in judging the situation! Love Alexandra

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