Mediaeval merriment

There’s nothing better than looking at last summer’s photos during this spate of utterly dismal weather. Haven’t we already had enough rain? Evidently not. Last August we visited the mediaeval festival of Volterra, a beautiful and austere city of Etruscan origins placed in the windiest part of Tuscany. D.H. Lawrence raves about it in “Etruscan places” and quite rightly too!. The narrow streets and ancient fortified palaces are the perfect setting for a medieval festa. The festival was full of interesting things: from dancing to singing to local food to mock-battles, giant catapult launchings, sbandieratori and recitations from Dante. It certainly was the biggest and best festa mediovale we’ve been to so far and a great time was had by all as may be judged from the following photographs.


5 thoughts on “Mediaeval merriment

  1. Dearest Francis thanks for using some of my photos I love the one of the whippet so much like my one there has been a study that states that when we feel down the best remedy is indeed to peruse ones Summer photos to keep a modicum of sanity and it is working wonders for me too as London is cold and wet too worse is that there is more cold forecast! Where have all the daffodils gone no host of daffodils as yet love alexandra

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