Rabbit stew

When my friend from Longoio’s twin village, Mobbiano, presented me with Almiranta, a large black female rabbit (doe), three years ago I had never kept a rabbit before but I soon grew to love the species in spite of their ferocious kicks (always hold a rabbit by its ears, if you are not sure). A lmiranta is still with us and she has been quite prolific in her offspring (after all they breed like rabbits), most of which we’ve given away since the object of the exercise – to have regular supplies of rabbit stew – soon faded away in view of our mistake of giving the kittens (term for baby rabbits) names and cuddling them. At the present time, besides Almiranta (after Almirante, the historic leader of a defunct Italian far-right party) there is Nerino and Bianchina.  Bianchina is an adventurous little brat (hopefully not too adventurous in view of the wild forest beasts surrounding our house) and enjoys jumping around the garden, playing with our cats (who,remain intreagued by her opposite features: short tail and long ears) and cutting the grass. The following photos will give you some idea of Bianchina. Fortunately, her nose and ears are tinted grey so it is not an entirely hopeless endeavour to find Bianchina in winter snows.


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