From a Bagni to a Lago

We are staying at a beautiful residence, converted from an old farmhouse, in a lovely hilltop village overlooking Italy’s largest lake, Garda. Only we can’t enjoy the views yet as we arrived here after 8 pm last night.Thanks to an error in a friend’s booking we were offered the opportunity of staying for free (we think). The journey from Longoio was without any significant problems but took longer than we thought. The Appennines were crossed at Abetone (still plenty of snow there) and, to speed up operations, we travelled on the autostrada from just outside Modena to Rovereto. The road to Tremosine was incredibly steep and we had fears for our vintage 1968 Fiat 500 (known as “cinquina” here.), Today we plan to visit ” Il Vittoriale” (which I saw previously in 2007) – the eclectic home of Italy’s famous poet and war hero Gabriele d’Annunzio. We were also near the lake in 2007, at a friend’s wedding  which took place in a fabulous rural setting. Then we went to Catullus’ Roman villa at Sirmione (also Callas’ favourite spot). That was in late summer and we gorged ourselves on delicious ice-cream. But now the last thing we want to eat is that ,since spring is NOT yet really arrived and it’s NOT at all warm, even on the shores of lake Garda!

Here are some pics around Abetone which is the pass we used to cross the Appennines to get into Emilia-Romagna:


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