Veg and fruit are happy (and so are we)

In somewhat changeable weather an afternoon in the field, our field, planting salads, peppers, cucumbers, onions and aubergines. The soil now lends itself to digging, tilling and de-weeding being neither too swampy nor too dry. And how many vegetable plants do we discover hidden in the foliage! There’s not that many we need to buy to fill up our rows…even the potatoes are now sprouting.

Our fruit trees – apples, pears, plums and cherries are now in full bloom – and their blossoms give colour to a landscape where other trees are still waiting to spread out their leaves. The grass, however, is growing fast and in trepidation I rolled out our petrol mower, unused for almost six months: it started first time! This must mean a lucky growing season and we trust we are spared the months of drought which afflicted us last year.

In all this activity the ever-green olive trees are happy to have survived the winter unscathed and are ready to send out more shoots.

Even our little kitchen garden next to the house is looking good even though Bianchina is frustrated that she can’t get in and snack on those juicy salads.

04222013 001


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