A bloomin’ good old time

Our garden is fast becoming a riot of colour with the humid and warm days that are surrounding us. The wisteria this year is spectacular and at night its scent is quite intoxicating.

Plants that seemed dead, like our capers (people are always surprised that these can flourish at our altitude of 580 meters) and citronella, are budding and the vine is bursting out. At the same time daffodils are appearing two months late and the Camellia tree is still  full of flowers while the Japanese maple leaves are doing their rust-red act before turning green  It is all very confusing. Will the seasons ever be the same again, I wonder.

Meanwhile, both in the garden and the orto the grass is growing faster than I can mow it!

On the last day of April I got a taste of what I might expect in terms of entertainment when I reach my dotage here. The Festa della Primavera, organized by il Circolo dell’amicizia of Fornoli, provided an afternoon of accordion playing with Mila (noted for her summer gatherings at Capanne di Siviglioli – a wild and lonely place just below the appennines’ main ridge), dancing organised by that great motivator, Coco, and food (cenci and torte) and drink for the local aged.

The Circolo, a social club, which, also organizes talks (we are promised the next one on a contemporary prophetess –  can she prophesy lottery winning numbers?) and outings is led by an energetic lady who is president, too, of the local Red Cross branch and a student at Unitre. I was intreagued by three items in the parish hall where the event took place: the bingo board, the majestic iron stove and a collection of old photographs:

Anyway, if I live that long I don’t think my old age will be too unexciting…at least here.


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