Bagni’s Summer Season Begins!

Yesterday was the first true day of summer – wall-to-wall sunshine, a little smattering of clouds, a clear sunrise and a yet clearer sunset with wonderful colours. It was a day to spend at the seaside or in one’s allotment. I chose the latter as the poor vegetables were very much in need of T.L.C.( I have not included any photographs as yet as I think the plants would still be much too embarrassed to show themselves to the public, especially the tomatoes which are so backward this year).

I remembered how much we’d suffered from the weather this year – tasks delayed from day to day, gloomy broodings, nostalgic glances at previous June’s photographs, cancelled walks, reduced motivation, sighs of resignation… Thankfully, all this is now in the past and the summer will shine over all of us at long last.

One of the harbingers of “la stagione” was a set of leaflets sent to me by Bagni’s well-informed chief librarian Angela. Here they are for your scrutiny – now don’t tell me you’re still missing local events left, right and centre!

After an afternoon stint at my one-person agricultural collective I ventured into Bagni for the puppet show held in the parish hall of Ponte a Serraglio. I’d only seen the building from the outside and it did look a little dilapidated. The interior, however, is another matter – a very fine neo-classical architecture with a greek-stoa type of minstrels’’ gallery and a couple of classical statues to boot – in short, a parish hall to be proud of.

But to return to the puppet show. This was performed by a group from a distant Tennessee Baptist church community who had come over to stay with a friend who, through her Italian connections, had a house in Crasciana – a magnificent borgo called “La Pomposa” because of its superlative elevation. The two playlets empathised the clearly religious theme of love for the Creator and, together with the painting and drawing activities, kept the goodly gathering of children and their parents suitably amused.

Afterwards, I felt a little peckish so wandered across the river Lima to the Villa Fiori where the local Red Cross branch, for the next couple of days, is holding a mini bier-fest with proceeds going towards this laudable organization. The reduced oompah-musicians serenaded while the delicious wurst satisfied my hunger, (and the weissbier my thirst) before I  returned home to put the animals to bed while a truly glorious sunset with wistful red-ochre tints spread over the regenerated landscape.


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