A Sculptural Quality

As often happens, villages just next to each other do not have very high opinions regarding their neighbours. Mobbiano and Longoio are a case in point. Separated by a few hundred yards and united only by that charming little chiesina (chapel) Della margine a majority of Mobbiano inhabitants regard Longoiesi as just plain mad. There are an amazingly high number of people from the two villages who just won’t talk to each other and haven’t done so for years.

My opinion of this situation, and drawing on some eight years’ experience, is that the Mobbianesi are probably correct in their opinion of many of the Longoiesi.

Since I live in Longoio I might come under their strictures too but then I have a relative of a Mobbiano family living near me and, anyway, our little quarter is called La Torre and stands somewhat apart from the main part of Longoio. Moreover I spend a lot more time in Mobbiano, having found friends and acquaintances both Italian and English rather more appealing to my views and tastes. One of these is Gilberto Malerbi.

A sculptor and civic designer, Gilberto Malerbi was born in 1968 and began his artistic career in 1990. In 1991 Gilberto opened his sculpture, decorations and architectural elements workshop.

Of his several works and collaborations the following are the most notable:

In the field of sacred art Gilberto has created works for several Italian sanctuaries among which is the Sanctuary of S. Filomena a Mugnano del Cardinale

and the Sanctuary dell ‘Addolorata at Castelpetroso Isernia.

The creation of works for numerous foreign sanctuaries: the P. Damião Mission of El Salvador Bay Brazil, the Prayer Groups of Washington D.C. USA in California and other missions in South America and in Africa.

Private commissions and public works: creation of portrait busts and other sculptures for private clients.

Various kinds of models and planning prototypes for national and international firms in various forms and materials.

Civic designs for corporate bodies and Public Administration: –

In September 2003 Malerbi created a statue called “The Glorious Infantryman” to replace the original – which had been melted down to help the war effort – for the monument to the fallen in the commune of Borgo di Mozzano (LU) which stands to one side of the station piazza. This statue was realized in bronze via the Cire Perdue method and was inaugurated in the presence of the President of the Senate. It is a powerful statement and, in my opinion, a marked improvement on the original. Go and see it for yourselves and admire the modelling and attention to detail.

In 2003 Malerbi created a coat of arms, a bas-relief in marble, for the town theatre of Borgo di Mozzano.

In 2004 came the creation of decorations (intarsia and bas-reliefs) for the Town hall in the Piazza of Baths of Lucca (LU) between the SMA supermarket and the newsagent and leading to the public gardens. This is an elegant solution and a fitting memorial to Italy’s most widespread mountain community showing all the villages which constitute it.

In 2005 Malerbi created the monument to Salvo D’Acquisto for the central piazza of the Comune of Baths of Lucca (LU) which was inaugurated to great acclaim and pomp in November 2005.

The statue is another powerful statement and a fitting memorial to the self-sacrifice of Salvo.


Further commissions include the creation of a coat of arms, in bas-relief, for the comune of Bagni di Lucca (LU) Gilberto can also produce in various materials, statues and sculptures of different dimensions – from full-length to portrait – busts, bas-reliefs, coats of arms, decorations, architectural elements, decorations, mosaics, environmental productions, urban furnishings, iconographies, and other art objects.

From your sketches, photos or other applications, Gilberto can produce the statue or the object you want in any material, form and dimension. His models are monitored, step-by-step, by his clients, from the start of the commission, to its final delivery. He can produce copies from models, statues, and objects in your ownership, assuring you a perfect reproduction of them.

Gilberto Malerbi lives at Mobbiano 9, Fraz. S.Gemignano, Bagni di Lucca (LU). His email address is gilbertomalerbi@gmail.com.

I should add that Gilberto is devoted to his mother who, regrettably, is now an invalid. He is her principal carer and clearly this activity has taken over the greater part of his life. However, he will still be able to assist in and give advice for your sculptural and artistic projects and ideas.

Fotopersonale - Copia - Copia


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