Monte Calvario

Our choir of Ghivizzano was out in full force this Sunday to welcome in the new parish priest, Don Giuseppe Andreozzi.

Don Giuseppe was moved from Porcari where he is replaced by Don Americo Marsili who had been the parish priest at San Gennaro. The previous Ghivizzano parish priest, Don Claudio Ticcioni, born in Tunis, has been transferred to the smaller parish of San Gennaro because of poor health – ecclesiastical musical chairs if there ever were some.

It was a lovely morning and also the feast of the Madonna so everyone was feeling happy. The children were well-involved in the ceremony which included blessing holy water.

Returning home, I met up with some local friends and joined them for a walk through Longoio’s “back yard” which is indeed very beautiful with a wide variety of woodland, pastures and excellent views.

The path leads across some ancient rocks, transported here by ice-age glaciers, to a hill called Monte Calvario. In olden times the hill was used for religious processions on Good Friday, a custom which was discontinued in the 1970’s. The cross placed there eventually vanished but only four years ago a new cross was placed there through the efforts of my neighbour, Aldo Baiocchi.


There are fine views from the top of the hill.

We descended down a road which lay through some nice conifers to reach the Madonna Della Serra church.

See  my post at for more on this chiesina..

Our walk took us back towards Longoio passing several isolated houses, some of which appeared to have been shut up for a long time and some of which had been expensively refurbished – no doubt to be used as holiday cottages – a pity that the village children here are never invited to use the large swimming pool, as happens with the one located at nearby Guzzano.

It’s also somewhat  sad that the old field terracing system has been allowed to become overgrown and decrepit. Once all this area was used for growing farro (spelt).

download (2)


A very late Sunday lunch restored our energies after this pleasant stroll.


8 thoughts on “Monte Calvario

  1. A really nice post, lots of detail so we can all imagine being there!
    Just out of interest what did you have for lunch?

  2. Beats my char siu with uddon noodles. By the by can you offer me any tips on the best places to buy wine around Bagni. In the past we’ve bought from Essalunga/Conad/Punto SMA/Penny Market & the Enoteca in Bagni. We discovered a winery in Socciglia but I can’t help but feel that we are looking in wrong places. I realise that this has nothing to do with the subject matter of your post but thought i’d ask – hope you don’t mind!

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