Between Sea and Sky

Yesterday was a day that promised rain but delivered it with sunshine too! One of the pleasures of this combination was the appearance of rainbows in unexpected locations and times. I spotted this one on my way to Lucca from Porcari. That pot of gold seemed so very close at hand!

10082013 003

In Lucca, among other activities, I wandered up the Via Santa Croce to the Millennium Caffetteria to see the exhibition of Kety Bastiani’s pictures which had opened yesterday with a little help from the Vicaria Della Val di Lima.

I have already described the qualities I like in Kety’s pictures at

But, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

There are some pictures from previous shows plus some I hadn’t seen before.

Kety’s creations are permeated with evocation, dreaminess, yearning longings and beauty. Each picture has a title but perhaps an intereresting game here would be for you to think out your own and then go to the exhibition and see what the actual ones are!

The title of the whole exhibition, which is on until November, is “Tra Mare e Cielo” between Sky and Sea  and well sums up the sensation that permeates these lovely pictures.

The coffee at Millennium is pretty good too!


One thought on “Between Sea and Sky

  1. I am always fascinated to view Kety Bastiani artwork I enjoy the ethereal quality and colours it is always so uplifting it sings to my soul and enlivens my spirit thank you once more!

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