I’m Dreaming of….

The first snow of the winter has fallen. No wonder all our cats were trying not just to get on our bed but into our bed as well! At first I thought the snow might have fallen earlier than ever this year but looking back at photographs the same time in 2005 it seems snow had already fallen at this moment in the month then.

The village of San Gemignano huddles together below the lowering slopes of the Prato Fiorito, now no longer an inviting place of flowers and picnics but almost like an ambiguous gigantic white witch.

Further delving into that first November’s photographs spent here reveal that we had already adopted cats (or rather some cats had adopted us). Of the kittens found in a wood pile below us two are still with us and were sleeping on our bed last night. The smudgy faced one unfortunately disappeared earlier this year without trace and the lovely longish-haired one, despite valiant efforts by the vet, did not survive.

What to do when it’s difficult to do anything because of the weather? There’s nothing better than reminiscing by leafing through one’s older photographs. Plus ça change?


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