Changed Plans for Midnight Mass

We were all ready to go and sing at Ghivizzano’s midnight Mass with our choir. We had our music and our voices but we didn’t have our car on our side. It just wouldn’t start! How could the battery have gone so flat in such a short time? Mild temperatures (it’s fourteen degrees this morning!) and a strong Libeccio wind blowing – never had these meteorological conditions on Christmas day before.

Our disappointment at not being able to get to the church on time (we’re quite a few hundred feet up a mountain, it was pouring icy rain and there was no-one else around going to the church, which is about ten miles away) was tempered by watching on TV Pope Francis celebrating his first Christmas mass.

I wonder what the brass ensemble was in the basilica. They were brilliant, playing the whole of the first chorus in Bach’s Christmas oratorio in an interesting arrangement. A lovely evening then was still had and today we look forwards to opening our presents and our Christmas lunch!

May your Christmas too be peaceful, pleasant and perfect! images (1)


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