Busto Arsizio – not such a bad place…

Milan’s central station is a monument both to inflationary architectural ideals and to hollywoodian sword-and-sandals epics. Built in a quasi-Assyrio-Babylonian style it was for long deemed an embarrassment in this most un-Italian of cities and there were plans for its “modernization” but, happily the iconoclastic wave prevalent in the sixties and seventies have passed it by and we can now admire it without fear of ridicule.

From our “Freccia Rossa” we transferred onto a “Malpensa Express” and eventually reached our destination: the station of (to English speakers a seemingly rather ugly name) Busto Arsizio. From thence we walked to the industrial estate and the tablet was duly replaced without much fuss (and, as it turned out, with an improved model).

Next was the decision of what to do with the rest of our day. Feeling rather hungry at this stage we found a little Chinese restaurant where we had an excellent meal of sweet-and-sour pork, Cantonese rice and tea for five euros a head in an attractive and courteous environment.

01132014 068

If one is stuck in Busto Arsizio all hope is certainly not lost. Like so many Italian industrial towns it’s actually quite rich in works of art. There are some sweet churches and elegant palaces and among its most famous citizens it can count that great singer Mina and violinist Uto Ughi.

However, we had grander plans to see something of Milan instead, so we gave BA a bit of a miss Perhaps next time (if ever) we are there?


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