Vietnamese Valentine

Happy Saint Valentine’s Day!

Saint Valentine is now a world festival of love and joy. As I scootered around HCMC this morning I saw many lovely flower displays for sale on the pavements.

The city girls were beautifully dressed, the climate that of a bright summer day in Italy and the feeling all around good-natured and relaxed. It was a joy to be in this city!

International food is easily available. Here are some shelves from a popular food store in downtown Saigon we visited this morning:

The back-packers’ area is full of eating places offering everything from Vietnamese to Mediterranean foods. This is something from the menu of one of them.

The lasagna was quite acceptable, although microwaved, but one doesn’t really come here to eat lasagne and I enjoyed my vegetable spring rolls enormously.

Gazing from our restaurant’s balcony I admired the intricate art of the Vietnamese electrician’s craft.

The trees in some avenues are so high!


I passed by the city’s Conservatoire of music. I wouldn’t mind visiting this place more fully:

There are still several old colonial houses around although they might disappear under the present building boom, which would be a real shame:

DSCN0149I liked the way new incense sticks for temple use were being dried:

DSCN0168I bought some potatoes and petit pois in the vegetable market area of the city:

Tonight we’re having a great party and cooking that Australian lamb we bought this morning at an international food store.

Tell you all about it tomorrow!


One thought on “Vietnamese Valentine

  1. Well Happy St Valentines Day seems fine out there weatherwise whereas the UK it is under a siege of storms and hurricane winds 80 mph also it is freezing cold. Love those incence sticks they are sold in huge bundles and are very pleasant indeed. Well saw marmite on the shelves and the frosties breakfast cereal and last but not least noted the cheddar cheese that is a result I suppose there must be quite a vast English community out there so a sort of home from home that is comforting to know not that one lives of marmite alone which is a well known fact that you either love or hate. I suppose the Soy sauces are the equivalent or what is?

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