Full Moon for Saint Valentine’s

It was full moon this February 14th, St Valentine’s Day. I don’t know when the last time there was a full moon on this date  but I don’t think it’s that often. Our party took place on the roof garden which was illuminated by that full moon.

The lamb roast was delicious and completely dispatched by the end of the evening.

Desert consisted of jackfruit


and sweet beans which were eaten with the ice cream.

One of the guests brought some Vietnamese rice wine with a rating of 37.5% alcohol. It actually didn’t taste too bad and reminded me a bit of a cheap sherry.


More familiar wines were brought by the others guests.

One of the guests sang this nice Vietnamese song:

All in all a very convivial evening was had by all – I’m so glad I wasn’t in one those countries which try to ban St Valentine’s Day!


2 thoughts on “Full Moon for Saint Valentine’s

  1. I was not aware that certain countries are trying to ban St Valentin’s Day and which are they pray? Well roast leg of lamb I thought that meat was rather sparse in Vietnam being that it is mainly a Bhuddist country but i suppose it is the same as in the Hindu religion that as the animal was no longer alive it is ok to eat that meat. Well seems a good time was had by all I did enjoy the singing would be nice to know the words I gather that he sang about a flower which one? Supreme Master Ching Hai always sang most beautifully and in poetry about Nature Love and so forth is really amazing. I just wonder why she no longer broadcasts her tv station into the UK used to be Sky 853 they were always amazing programmes so informative and also entertaining.

    • The countries who try to ban St Valentine’s day include Saudi Arabia (where there were three hundred arrests of young people who tried to send each other Valentine cards, by the religious police as Saint Valentine’s day is regarded as against Muslim teachings),similarly, Iran, Pakistan and Malaysia

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