Scootering About

If you love riding scooters then Ho Chi Minh City is the place for you. There are scooter-dedicated lanes, scooters can turn left where cars can’t and there are some roads where no cars are allowed. I do hope it remains this way. Mind, you must keep your wits about you and it is best to ride in convoy. I would NOT suggest scooters to anyone who hasn’t had experience riding them! Italy does help in gaining that experience…

Here is a snippet of scooter traffic in the city.

The city authorities are trying to reduce street vendors but I don’t think they’ll ever succeed.


There are plenty of swimming pools in HCMC to cool down in. Here’s a somewhat rundown one but it has its own character, especially with that wonderful conifer next to it.

Unbelievably, Vietnam is the world’s second largest coffee producer (the first is Brazil). There’s a great chain of coffee bars in the country to beat Starbuck’s any day called Highlands Coffee, not because Scotland has anything to do with it but because the coffee is grown in the highland region of Central Vietnam. An iced coffee is welcome any time of day and the cakes aren’t bad too if you want to go western for once. It looks western but the little shrine to the gods tucked to the right of my sofa tells me I’m not in Europe…

Here are two friends I met in Vietnam. The lady on the left is married to an Italian and the man on the right is a friend of the person I’m staying with. We had another great street supper last night with them.


Perhaps it’s time now to get out of this sparkling but slightly frenzied city and explore the country. The seaside or the mountains?


One thought on “Scootering About

  1. I would suggest that you head for a tourist office and get yourself a guided tour rather than wander around I believe in safety in numbers. Always check seaside resorts for safe swimming do they have bagnini as in Italy and what lurks in those waters? As for mountains I would strongly suggest a guided tour as who knows what and who lurks around I mean I have been seeing a few films called Wild China excellent there are Baboons or Macaks in the Temples which they revere but can be dangerous also Pandas they are very secrertive creatures for once their amourous antics of wild Pandas was captured on film I wonder did RA ever achieved that however in order to repopulate the wild Pandas are being bred in captivity amazingly also with great success but the babies have to be hand reared to ensure survival! There are snakes and aligators I wonder about crocodiles! The Chinese Ducks are amazing very colourful and mate for life we have seen them in Greenwich Park! Tufted Ibis also are now plentiful as a programme to multiply them has also been successful. China’s countryside is truly amazing as seen in various films I do hope to visit soon!

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