Streets Ahead

Some might call them charming, others might declare them kitsch. I’m fascinated by the art work produced on our block and if originality may not be its strongest point technique certainly is. The pictures themselves are indicative of hopes and aspirations of the Vietnamese: spiritual calm, nostalgia for the peace of the life of the old rural communities, and, perhaps uncomprehendingly, a sort of hankering after “la gloire”.

Anyway I’ll leave the pictures round the corner from our house which form part of the main picture painting area of HCMC to speak for themselves.

Street life is fascinating here. This morning I had a great coffee and some jasmine tea as well seated on one of those minuscule and often patched up plastic chairs on the pavement. At a corner I had an amazingly delicious baguette (yes, France still lives on here) filled with meat and vegetables which more than satisfied my stomach for both breakfast and lunch.

I could take a million photographs but there is a limit. Experience it with your own eyes instead of mine…..

I think I’ll always winter here in future!


One thought on “Streets Ahead

  1. Nice lot of paintings they are good copies of the real thing great I do like the little temple in the countryside reminds me of the Demidoff Temple. Well Jasmine tea sounds very refreshing indeed but is that a stall holder not a coffee shop I wonder is that safe regards the water I suppose it is boiled but even so we are not used to that water! UK now has got ginormous problems with water we should all have Hep A vaccination it is bad news here but slowly should improve hope so as we have endured bad bad bad weather as Italy Japan is several feet under snow do let me know weather conditions out there so far seems ok quite sunny and warm Italy was Springlike weather just today. The weather situation is just maddening so odd.cannot really do proper planting or gardening as you sink into the waterlogged ground sink holes are appearing even in streets and pavements are catching fire I mean DIckens would have loved it all!

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