High as a Kite

Not so long ago Mui Ne was just another fishing village along Vietnam’s interminable coastline. Like the best places it has since been discovered but I do not think it is yet spoilt.

Here is a map of the SE area of Vietnam where we are showing Mui Ne in red:

images (8)

We are staying at the Hong Di guest house which sports a wonderful seafront position in the centre of the very long sandy beach. There are individual huts and there is a central block where my room is on the top floor and the view from it is quite enchanting.

The sea so far has been a bit rough with high rollers and the wind is strong – ideal conditions for kite surfing practitioners who here ride the waves and often fly over them.

I don’t think it’s my time of life to start a new sport – watching the kite surfers is exhausting enough!

We can eat at the guest house but last night we walked up to another place which serves excellent sea food. I had a sea bass with ginger – quite delicious and quite fresh. I refused to eat crocodile…

It’s perfectly possible to glide into never-never land here as it’s very relaxing indeed. At the same time I’m aware that I’m almost half way through my Vietnamese sojourn and could I really make it to see at least the old imperial capital Hue?

And then what about Cambodia?

The clientele at Mui Ne is cosmopolitan but the many shop signs also written up in Cyrillic alphabet denotes that this place is very popular with Russians of which there are several staying at Hong Di. Certainly,  from  Siberian  to Vietnam is a distance not too far.

This is truly an idyllic  place and I only hope that it will remain like this and avoid being swamped with mammoth seaview-type  apartments (there’s already one gone up the entrance to Mui Ne) so that we have to find other places to recapture the allure of the old east.


2 thoughts on “High as a Kite

  1. Francis hi there it is always good to leave areas so that can see them on a revisit if that is possilbe seems very nice out there at least it is warm and fairly sunny not a cloud in the sky and no rain the rest of the world are bothered by rain snow hailstones and more rain! It seems to be a very nice area indeed hopefully nice and peaceful unspoilt to date no high rise constructions.Well I love that shaggy dog seems so friendly looking at you directly would like one like that but rather too large. Sea bass with ginger sounds very tasty could only be fresh there. Well enjoy the rest of your stay.

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