On to Hue

Hue is the old imperial capital of Vietnam and contains, despite the devastation caused by fifty years of war against aggressors France and USA, an important concentration of buildings which are classified as a UNESCO world heritage city. I’m looking forwards to visiting the citadel where the emperor lived.

It would be lovely to continue living in the lotus-eating place which is Mui Ne but, after all, I have come here to see the country, or as much of it as I can in the space of three weeks and so it’s time to move on.

I’ve given in the key to my room which must be vacant by 11 am and will relax, swim or eat until 3 pm when I’ve arranged for a scooter taxi to take me to the station and a night sleeper to Hue.

A scooter taxi is known as xe ôm here which translates into “hold me tight” and is a very popular way to get around.  You can wave one down in most places and then jump on as a pillion passenger. It’s a quicker way to get to places than most buses or cars. It’s the law to wear a crash helmet in Vietnam so the taxi-driver (or taxi-rider?) must supply you with one. So it’s xe om for me this afternoon!



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