Spring is in the Air

What with the continued closure of two of Bagni di Lucca’s favourite restaurants – Borghese and Circolo dei Forestieri – I’m always on the look-out for alternative places.

Yesterday I followed up Debra Kolkka’s posts at http://bellabagnidilucca.com/2012/05/20/eat-well-in-fornoli/ and at http://bellabagnidilucca.com/2014/02/18/workmans-lunch-at-la-ruota/

I concur completely with her report and thoroughly recommend this eatery. The entrance to Fornoli’s La Ruota restaurant is round the back of La Ruota bar and up a flight of stairs (may be difficult for some disabled people).

The dining area is spacious and modern in décor. There are some very nice views from the picture windows:

I opted for the worker’s lunch at eleven euros. This was the menu:

I chose the tagliatelle which were absolutely “al dente” as I like them and with a ragù sauce that was not over-salty (as I sometimes find in other places).


I followed this with a plateful of neatly-sliced roast beef and a contorno of French fries. The portion was more than ample and I had little need for a supper yesterday.


The worker’s lunch price includes bread, water (fizzy or still) a carafe of wine and coffee. My only minor criticism is that I wish they’d included a bit of focaccia and wholemeal bread.

It’s incredible that this place has been going for at least three years and that I’ve only discovered it now.

Spring is quite definitely in the air and certainly on the ground. I feel maliciously gleeful that I’ve avoided the worst of the dismal rainy winter weather the poor folk have been having in this part of the world and can wake up to another beautifully clear dawn promising warmer weather to come. As PBS famously said “if winter comes can spring be far behind?”

In case you didn’t know this week-end promises to be a hive of great social activities. On Saturday it’s women’s day and on Sunday it’s the Carnevale at Fornoli!


5 thoughts on “Spring is in the Air

  1. Thats a really good restaurant. I posted something on Debra’s blog too, after her article on La Ruota. Remarkable value for money – sounds like you had a very good lunch. I can recommend the panini and milkshakes in the Ruota cafe located below the restaurant.
    By the way, if you look up restaurants in BDL on Tripadvisor, some wag has put a comment against Borghese to say its still open! I’m sure its not but just thought i’d mention it in passing.

  2. It is Carne Vale time now so really should be abstention from meat that was the idea anyways of this time of year! However I too indulged in some meat eating but if one keeps to meat eating just as little as possible or not at all if one is vegetarian that would be better still. I love my raw carrots a bit of cheese that will do fine I like raw foods they taste better they say steamed is good also as the flavour is locked in the vegetables rather than boiled away in the water but I suppose if you do boil then you could drink the water with all the vitamins that it is supposed to contain. Well I would like to visit this restaurant too maybe in the future but I am curious to know what those other restaurants offer for 5 euros I would like to explore their menu they are near the Esselunga by the roundabout just beyond the Chinese euro emporium.

  3. Carnevale is the end of winter, the period on which catholics do not eat meat or give up on something is lent (not sure how to spell it) and it goes from the end of carnevale to Easter.
    About restaurants, there are several more restaurants in bagni di Lucca each one with some speciality and all worth visiting.

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