Firewood, Cribs and Crocuses

Palagnana is a little hamlet towards the end of the Turrite valley. It is an excellent starting point for walks up to onto Monte Croce and the Upper Matanna. It is also a place where time seems to stand still as far as old rural occupations are concerned.

The photograph of woodman on his mule carrying logs down from the forest might date from 1890 or before if it weren’t taken in colour. I shot these pictures, in fact, in March 2006. I’ve met the old boy several times since and he still carries on his timeless trade.

In the same area there is a steep walk to a plateau called “Le Scalette”. In one of the rock hollows a small Christmas crib was set up. Hopefully, it’s still there. I must go and have a look at this part of the world again.

The crocuses on that occasion were spectacular. Indeed, the area is one gigantic natural rock botanic garden.

How long will these beautiful sights carry on I wonder – as long as I can still live in these magical parts, I hope!


5 thoughts on “Firewood, Cribs and Crocuses

  1. Well it is wonderful to see that very brave soul I wonder if he is still carrying on his plight in life such a wonderful character one would deem to describe his as a somewhat eccentric person and there again I think that most people who decide to come and live in that are are indeed so called eccentrics and live on eccentricity favourite pursuit of the English!

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