Wisteria (or Glicine) Part two:

I got such a lot of questions about “how about your wisteria – you haven’t sent us any pictures of it ” after I published this morning’s post  on “Wistful Wisteria” that I braved the almost gale-like exterior of our little garden just now and managed to take these shots in the rain. Hope they won’t disappoint too much – certainly not Bardini-spectacular but we love our wisteria and it brightens up this gloomy day no end!


2 thoughts on “Wisteria (or Glicine) Part two:

  1. Thank you for the fabulous wisteria pictures. You’ve certainly got the knack with wisteria
    (and i’m sure lots of other plants). I would’nt mind getting some wisteria going at our place, its such a beautiful plant.

    • This wisteria is truly amazing but can prove to be a bit too invading especially if left too much to its own devices it has to be somewhat trained so as not to cause damage to the structure of things.

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