Spello Spells


I was reminded by Debra Kolkka’s recent excellent posts on Spello that I must revisit these extraordinarily beautiful places. In my archives I found one slide of Spello which I must have been taken in April 1966 when on a schoolchild exchange. I was sixteen at the time, loved the place and (because in those days – and with my pocket money – photos were rather more expensive to take, and develop etc.) have only this one of Spello which I realise must be of the Roman gateway.

New Folder

Debra’s photographs reminded me beautifully of my teenage day there.

I was also amazed by the Pinturicchio frescoes in the Baglioni chapel of the church of Santa Maria Maggiore of Spello. I bought postcards of these so at least I have these magnificently vivid evocations of what life must have been like and what clothes people were wearing when the frescoes were painted.

Spello, your name still spells youth clearly in my mind’s eye…


2 thoughts on “Spello Spells

  1. I’m pleased I was able to help you remember your youth. I’m sure Spello would seem just as beautiful if you were to return today. I would have taken photos of the Pinturicchio frescoes, but there was a sign forbidding it and a cranky looking man on guard.

    • Thanks for this. It’s amazing what posts can bring out. I’m glad that at least you’ve got the pics above that cranky old man stopped you from taking!

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