Yes, of course – it must have been at Vico Pancellorum..

One day (hopefully – if it isn’t already there now) there won’t just be automatic date-stamping on digital photographs but also automatic GPS coordinates.

It took me a little time to realise where these photographs, taken in May 2006, came from. Was it that I just had too many photos or was it the start of memory loss creeping in?

Fortunately, I can now confirm that the majority of these shots came from Vico Pancellorum, one of the last and one of the most fascinating villages up our Lima valley, with its amazing Pieve (or large parish church).


Indeed, the following sculptures come from the façade of that church. I wonder exactly what occult meaning they all have?

The interior column capitals are also quite remartkable – so different one from the other:

The goats must also have been around at the same time and they look truly happy and well-kept ones.

It is so important to make notes to place one’s pictures. A picture without a location is like an archaeological artefact dug up without any notes taken of where and at what depth it was recovered. An exhibit without a label tells us so much than less than half the story.

How can I avoid staring at photographs I have taken without knowing where they came from? Writing posts on them today does help and I wish I’d started a lot earlier….

This is yet another problem which will surely get larger and larger for so many of us.

One thing I haven’t forgotten is that today it is Saint George’s day.

So whether you are from England, or Australia, or New Zealand, or Genoa, or the republic of Georgia or even a Muslim (St George is one of the very few inter-faith saints) I wish you

Happy Saint George’s Day!


(Raffaello Sanzio 1506 – Washington USA)




3 thoughts on “Yes, of course – it must have been at Vico Pancellorum..

  1. Nice post on Vico. We’ve spent a bit of time around the church and the village; somehow we always seem to end up at Buca di Baldabo ….. ah its a hard life.

    I entirely agree with your comments re the automatic dating/GPS location on photo’s.
    Some years on its not always abundantly clear where one is looking at whilst gazing at old photo’s. A happy St George’s day to you too!

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