Marian May at Longoio’s la Margine little Church

May is also Marian May – a month dedicated to the Virgin Mary in the Catholic Church calendar. Many small and forgotten chapels in our area will have their doors opened, their floors swept and the altars adorned with flowers for perhaps the only time during the year, and the local priest will come and celebrate Mass

We passed two local parishioners yesterday busy at working getting our chapel at Longoio ready for the celebration which will take place this Saturday afternoon. This morning the strimmers were hard at work cutting down the ever-so-fast growing grass on the path leading to our little church which is called “La Chiesina della Margine”.


It’s important to look after a place even if the comune doesn’t – long may these celebrations continue if they help keep the grass cut and the area around looking a little more presentable


Yesterday we had some guests very dear to us for lunch. So we too had to think about making our house presentable.

Guests, whether they come from heaven or from this planet, are wonderful reasons for making sure that everything is spic-and-span around you.

The following photographs come from the Marian May celebration at our little church in 2006. It is sad to think that some of the people shown here have indeed gone away from this planet…


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