A Peasant’s Life?

I need that Irish monk’s help (see my previous post) in my campo (allotment). Everything is growing so fast, particularly the weeds and grass!

The other problem is water. I’m hoping, indeed praying, for rain. One must water everything twice daily: early in the morning and just before supper. It’s pointless to water things during the day. And the higher summer temperatures haven’t even hit us yet!

05212014 011

Tomatoes of five different varieties, courgettes, cucumbers, melons and various types of salad are now settled down after their birth-pangs. Fruit trees are showing good signs of flourishing too.

Anyway, there could be no more beautiful place to do one’s gardening than here.

There is sufficient tree cover to cool off in the hotter parts of the day. The occasional wild animal pays a visit (mainly deer – hopefully not wolves which are becoming more frequent in these parts as local shepherds inform us) and there’s lots of peace and quiet. I might even pitch my tent here and enjoy a bit of very local camping.

05212014 012

I’m off again this early  morning for more de-weeding, grass-cutting and watering. I’m feeling more of a peasant (in the positive sense of the word) every day and have little impetus to be away for more than a day or two from my field.

The soil really ties one down. We are made from its products (home-grown taste so much better than anything a supermarket could provide) and one day will return to it too….

It’s truly the good life at the moment!






5 thoughts on “A Peasant’s Life?

  1. How perfectly idyllic…but I also appreciate the work involved. Gardening and eating food I’ve grown always makes me feel so grounded – I really miss that! I’m currently an apartment dweller…

  2. Thats a very philosophical ending to a very enjoyable update on your campo.
    It is true that every type of veg grown by one’s own hand tastes so much better than the supermarket equivalent. The exercise is also good, and the resulting sleep is top quality sleep, particularly if one is sustained by good food and dare I say it, a good glass (or two) of vino rosso!

  3. I do hope that the Peyote courgette is growing nicely needs good watering as do the tomatoes daily and after the first lot of toms are grown then is the time to feed them it seems that the more you pick lettuce the more it grows it is truly more tasty to eat home grown vegetables! There is a singer in Manchester who actually has transformed her front room into an indoor garden uses special lighting to create the heat and light effect has carpet lawn though but is most successful in growing her own food this is an idea that may well thrive but i still prefer to grow in tubs and pots and preferably outside as the watering aspect would seem somewhat dodgy!

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