Back to the Star

Last Sunday afternoon I moved from the morning’s battle front in the Brancoleria, described in my post at,

to the peaceful atmosphere of the Sanctuary of Migliano in the comune of Fosciandora, where I joined my choir of San Pietro e Paolo di Ghivizzano to celebrate the month of May, which is also the month of the Virgin Mary.

I read my post when we sang on the same occasion last year and found that it was a fair description of what happened this year too!  So if you haven’t read that post, which also tells you about the miraculous history of the sanctuary, I suggest you click on:

It will hopefully be just the same for next year as our choir has contributed to the Marian festivities here for some years now.

The only differences this time were that before the Mass there was a lucky dip for a local charity organisation (il sogno) which gives support to differently able or problematic children. Their web site is at

05262014 192

and that after the Mass refreshments took place indoors and were largely confined to the choir and co-workers. It was my second big tuck-in in one day. How can one resist such delicious spreads without spreading out a little oneself!

05262014 203

I noticed that work was well under way to convert the old friary into a centre for the charity’s beneficiaries.

05262014 191

I also took some more pictures of this delightful place, in particular of its fabulous carved wooden doors which also include a panel describing the famous Volto Santo in Lucca cathedral.

And this beautifully sewn standard:

05262014 207

Sorry, no pictures of the choir this time. I must get them to pose after the Mass next year when we sing at the sanctuary again! It was great to be there and realise that this too had once been a war zone when the allied forces advanced to this point in the last months of 1944.

How could such peaceful places have once been theatres of war – I thought of my wonderful trip, long ago, to that massacred, tortured country which is Syria today.



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