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I have lived in a village in the Bagni di Lucca area since 2005. In these posts I describe some of my experiences and activities in this lovely part of the world and my trips beyond. I am a free-lance English language teacher and writer, and enjoy walking, vegetable gardening, raising ducks and rabbits, choir-singing and having a generally good time.

23 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dear Francis,

    I’m reading all your interesting articles about Lucca and beyond.
    Perhaps you can be interested in the editorial, recently published in Science, about the Badia Pozzeveri excavations near Altopascio, visible at the link:


    I hope you will be able to visit the archaeological excavations of Benabbio castle, near Bagni di Lucca, next summer.

    Merry Christmas and best wishes for next Holidays,
    Gino Fornaciari

  2. hi I seem to be living just down the road from you in Gombereto, was looking for pictures of the weather in Bagni di Lucca or rather the Lima, because the river is so high and angry today, and came across your blog, which I read with a lot of interest. Was actually also trying to find out more about the baths in Villa, which I understand will be renovated at some point. Should maybe get together for a coffee one of these days. If the rain ever stops, or maybe just because it doesn´t.

  3. Hi Nelleke, yes it would be nice to meet – especially as you live so near to us. Perhaps you’d like to phone us on 339 128 2757 to arrange a meeting? Or perhaps down in Bagni di Lucca? Do let us know. Thanks

  4. Hi Francis,
    My husband and I have really been enjoying reading your posts on the Borgo a Mozzano/ Bagni di Lucca area, while wistfully remembering our last trip, and excitedly planning our upcoming trip in September. We’ll be in the Borgo area for 3 days (4 adults, 3 kids), and just wondering if you might recommend a nice apartment we could rent?

      • Thanks for coming up with the suggestion! I appreciate it. I’ve been looking online to see what I can find and there do seem to be quite a few places to choose from. Problem is a lot have a minimum stay of 5-7 days, and we’ll only be there 3.

  5. Found a place! We’ll be staying at Azienda Agricola Macea. My husband’s family in Borgo a Mozzano are very good friends of the owners, so we’ve arranged to stay there. Thanks again for your thoughts Francis.
    I have to say, reading your blogs has got us really looking forward to heading over Bagni di Lucca way. It just looks and sounds so beautiful. We didn’t get over that way last time we were there, but I do think we will this time.
    Cheers from Ottawa, Canada!

  6. Just had a wonderful week in Lucca at a language school (am a serial language school attendee!) and stumbled on your blog when researching what it was exactly I heard on April 11th in San Frediano Basilica by Boccherini Musical Orchestra and Choir ……….so enjoyed all your information on the area etc and now back in UK, also tending my garden and watching the bees in full swing. Just bought a little lemon tree to nurture after visiting Oscar Tintori’s Giardino degli Agrumi !

  7. I’ve wanted to visit Italy for some time now. Reading some of your posts makes me want to visit even more. Thank you for commenting on my comment on Stephen Liddell’s blog. It’s what brought me over here.

  8. We will visiting the area in May 2015. My father fought in the Appenines and was captured and wounded in World War II. I edited his story and published it after my last trip to Italy. The book is Name, Rank and Serial Number, by James P. McClelland. In 2004 we toured parts of the Gothic Line and the battlefield at Gesso Ridge where Dad was captured. Our guide was Costantino Sestini of Impruneta near Florence. We may explore other areas of the Gothic Line near Bagni de Lucca on next trip.
    Tom McClelland, California

  9. Hi. I found your post on the Turret and the Keep particularly interesting as we are in the process of buying it. Are you aware of any historic references to it at all? We are very excited about the building and would be very grateful for any information you have about it or the Church next door.

  10. Hi…I have been reading your blog with interest. I am English but now have a partner based in Pisa so am travelling to the region regularly. I am looking for some freelance work – teaching English or piano, or just a meet up with some ex pats to chat. If you can help at all please get in touch.

  11. Ciao Francis. Are you still living in Bagni di Lucca? I will visit my cousins (the Mei family in Ruota) hopefully soon.

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